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Issue 296: July 22, 2014
» Energy Prospects West Ending August 19
Energy Prospects West will be discontinued, effective after publication of the August 19 issue. We've decided to apply our resources in different directions, while continuing to serve the Western energy community. ...more
» Oregon Takes Dim View of PacifiCorp's Coal Investments
The Oregon PUC has acknowledged PacifiCorp's 2013 integrated resource plan, but not the utility's clean-air investments at the Jim Bridger and Hunter 1 coal plants. ...more
» Storage Seen as Key Resource as More Solar Impacts Grid
California is considered a leader in solar deployment, and with its new, ambitious target for energy storage, it could play a similar role, as it copes with regulatory and policy challenges related to storage deployment. ...more
» From the Lab to the Field: Washington Invests in Battery Technology Pilots
A trio of Washington utilities this month received the first investments from the state's new Clean Energy Fund to help pay for field-testing battery storage technologies and integration software. ...more
» Nevada Ratepayers Without Solar PV Benefit From Net-Energy Metering
Net-energy metering, such as for solar photovoltaics, is starting to benefit customers in Nevada who do not generate any of their own power, consulting firm Energy and Environmental Economics concluded in a report. ...more
» B.C. Gets Reality Check on LNG Export-Sector Plans
A University of Calgary report gave the British Columbia government a reality check to its vision of a new multi-billion-dollar LNG export industry it has been promoting as the province's long-term economic salvation. The report said B.C. is in danger of losing out to global competitors in the race to supply LNG to growing energy markets in Asia because it's too slow in developing its LNG export sector. ...more
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